A Little Climate Crisis News - Action Required

From Al Jazeera News:

“Countries cannot wait for the end of 2020 to step up action. They, every city, business, region and individual need to act now.”

“The annual Emissions Gap Report paints a grim picture of the rise in global warming, and points the finger at G20 countries, especially China and the United States the two top greenhouse gas emitters, along with Russia and the European Union, which are doing too little to tackle the climate crisis… India is the fourth-largest emitter”

G20 countries are collectively responsible for 78 percent of all emissions, but they are not doing enough to contain global warming

“Emissions need to go down by 55 percent by 2030,” said the report’s Christensen. “There is no way we are going to make it if we don’t step up action as of next year with ambitious plans.”

“G20 countries are collectively responsible for 78 percent of all emissions”


From the NYTimes: 

“Mumbai got more rain this year than it had in 65 years”

India’s Ominous Future: Too Little Water, or Far Too Much

THE MONSOON IS CENTRAL TO INDIAN LIFE AND LORE. It turns up in ancient Sanskrit poetry and in Bollywood films. It shapes the fortunes of millions of farmers who rely on the rains to nourish their fields. It governs what you eat. It even has its own music.

Climate change is now messing with the monsoon, making seasonal rains more intense and less predictable. Worse, decades of short-sighted government policies are leaving millions of Indians defenseless in the age of climate disruptions – especially the poor.”

Years of drought, crops ruined by pests and unseasonably late rains, exceptionally fierce monsoons, lakes that once held the rains clogged with plastic and sewage. Groundwater drawn faster than nature can replenish it, people settling for fetid streams, sacred rivers covered in toxic foam from industrial runoff, kitchen taps dry for months…

2004 Rites of Spring M’Finda Garden

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