5th Precinct Meet Up with the Neighborhood

Despite heavy rains the neighborhood came out to listen to Officers Bozzo and Urena talk about the state of the Park as well as hear issues concerning the neighboring community. [some statistics below] and serve pizza!

Many of the long-time Sara Roosevelt Coalition gardeners were in attendance, University Settlement, CM Chin’s office, 10 Stanton Street, nearby neighbors as well as the fledgling Stanton Block Association. Thanks to the officers, the 5th Precinct and the community for showing up!

Among the issues: Poor lighting throughout the park, the Public Hotel, dogs off leash in the children’s playground at Rivington Playground (sitting on the picnic tables, etc) Dogs aren’t allowed in playground!, Homeless assistance, drug overdoses – get the drug dealing out of park!!, Park’s department need to sweep for needles – get local providers to meet with police, Parks and neighborhood to solve needle refuse problem, discouraging to volunteer expert gardeners to have to navigate needles/feces, etc when gardening, concerns about losing volunteers and access for children’s gardening and nature learning with these issues unresolved.

Other issues not covered? Write to the Community Board, go to Police meetings, write to comments here.

5th Precinct Captain and officers:

1 Murder/homicide, 2 robberies, 4 felony assaults, 2 grand larcenies for the year

Enforcement for the year 57 total arrests: 21 for uniformed officers, 36 for narcotics officers, 6 NCOs, 65 total summons issued in park

20 Total joint operations (including plain clothes officers): 8 w/ Parks Enforcement Patrol, 5 homeless outreach, 4 internal anti-crime, 3 w/ narcotics, 184 directed patrols

Implemented a light tower in Stanton area, Increased uniformed presence throughout the park, Increased patrols, More joint operations planned.

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