5th Precinct Build a Block Meeting


5th Precinct Build a Block Meeting Good turn out for this important chance to let the local ‘beat cops’ know what is going on. You are the eyes and ears of this neighborhood. General response: pleased with our local cops attentiveness, proactive stances and speedy response time. Focusing on building awareness of unprotected personal items stolen in sports fields – grand larceny – as the most preventable crime.

Parks will put up signs and possibly mesh at bottom of fencing to prevent reach –ins:




2 reported rapes in or around the park, 1 arrest 1 under investigation,

5 robberies reported -3 arrests, 2 under investigation,

10 felonious assaults – 6 arrests, 4 under investigation

5 burglary reports 1 arrest (the rest under investigation assume)

Grand larceny 32 reports – 13 arrests, 19 under investigation

Complaints: Hidden areas on Forsyth, drug sales, etc.

5th Precinct has requested light tower. Parks Department/DOT promise of replacing dim bulbs with LED lighting throughout the park!

5th Precinct floating the idea of a possible test closure of sections of the park where it is deemed too dark and hidden and crime too easy to happen.

Parks Department: Proposing needle containers throughout the park.

Coalition highly concurs. We’ve asked for them. This could/would cut down on needles discarded in garden beds. Park workers, community gardeners, volunteers and visitors find them. We just request drug providers inform their clients on needle box locations once they are established so they are able to responsibly dispose of needles. It helps everyone. Coalition will write letter in support.

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