From State Senator Kavanagh: Mobile Legal Help! August 9th

Please contact the office to ensure a slot!!

Venus Galarza-Mullins: 212-298-5565

Hands Around Our House August 8th

From Mijente*: “…Everyone deserves to live with dignity…this is about who gets to live and who is left to perish today in America”

Chalk your message on sidewalks, or write it on ribbons to loved ones, or help make a banner. We’ll collect your stories to add to the Rivington House booklet.

*Mijente […]

A Day in the Park (Thursday)

Volunteers from New Forsyth Conservancy restoring the gateway to these gardens! (they are here every Thursday – come by and help out!) – with help from Danny.


Basketball, Gardens, Soccer…

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New Finished Oval at Canal & Hester! And…Parks Dept. Link to Obtain Needed Permits for Use of Fields & Courts

Credit Parks Department for the Repair of the Oval, done in-house, faster, less expensive. It looks beautiful.

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An Army of Pruners from Forestry of Park’s Department Arrive to Take Down Dead Branches!

Thank you to the team from Forestry and to Park’s Department’s Administrative Parks & Recreation Manager Mark Vaccaro, Park Manager Elizabeth Martinez and Chief of Staff to the Manhattan Borough Commissioner Steve Simon.

And to all the 311 callers!

For making our Park a lot safer to be in!

A much better scene than […]

A Bill Introduced in City Council Would Require GreenRoofs, Solar Power, Wind Turbines

From NYTimes:

The goal: to lower our energy output.

“Right now, the big conversation is around what we can do to combat climate change, and now more than ever, when the federal government is rolling back all the progress we’ve made to reduce our carbon footprint in the […]

New Forsyth Conservancy Strikes Again!

From The New Forsyth Conservancy:


“The great Reformers of the Progressive Era agitated for greenspaces in tenement districts because they asserted that people need parks. Turns out the opposite is true too- parks need people (not only to chillax in, but to help maintain).

Last week our humble Tenement band […]

Children’s Magical Garden – Important Favorable Court Ruling

From BoweryBoogie:

Magic Moment: Appeals Court Favors Children’s Magical Garden in Adverse Possession Claim

“The Appellate Court in the ongoing case – which pit the garden corporation against former landlord Serge Hoyda and current owner Horizon Group – has sided with the former regarding defendants’ motion to dismiss the “Adverse Possession” argument. It was on […]

Shakespeare in the Parking Lot Saved – Though Not for SDR Park Goers!

From Bedford & Bowery:

“…Hamilton Clancy, artistic director of the non-profit that runs Shakespeare in the Parking Lot, bemoaned the potential loss of their performance space at the parking lot managed by the Clemente Soto Vélez Cultural and Educational Center. His efforts to find a second home for the theater company in Sara D. […]

UN: Nelson Mandela International Day

As I walked out the door toward the gate that would lead to my freedom, I knew if I didn’t leave my bitterness and hatred behind, I’d still be in prison.” Nelson Mandela