NYCHA is now recruiting for its upcoming Construction Pre-Apprenticeship Training Class in the Lower East Side.

LES Sandy-impacted NYCHA Residents are given first priority for the spring 2018 session. Graduates receive interviews with Building and Construction Trade Unions; this is the first step to not just landing a job but to starting a career in the unionized construction industry.

Please disseminate widely to NYCHA residents interested in a long […]

A Walk in the Park

We love SDR Park. Funky, unique, charming, beautiful, humble, anarchic, often dirty, mostly safe, welcoming, wild, frustratingly cluttered with cars & trucks. Never too tidy, never too tamable, built by people for the people’s use. Still an all-comers meeting place – democracy in action – where imaginations can still be unleashed, where attempts to tightly […]

Brad Landers Op-Ed: On the NYC Plastic Bag Law That Was


From Brad Landers City & State website:

“Every month, NYC residents send 750 million plastic bags to landfills, which is more than 7,500 tons of solid waste….

Plastic bags aren’t just needless solid waste. They are made from petroleum. They litter our trees and parks, clog our storm drains and recycling […]

L Train Shutdown: Open House Date and Questions Re: This Park Neighborhood

East Side Open House Jan. 31

From the Lo-Down (more details on the Lo-Down website):

“The MTA and the city’s Department of Transportation are kicking off a series of public meetings ahead of the L Train shutdown that’s scheduled to take place in the spring of 2019.

There are open […]

Air Pollution

Mayor de Blasio’s take on NYC:

Where You Live Determines The Cleanliness Of The Air You Breathe.

“In New York City, we are fighting the climate crisis as though our lives depend on it, and we are fighting inequality with the same sense of urgency. We have to do both at the same time. […]

Town Hall on Discretionary and Capital Budgets Funding with CouncilWomen: Margaret Chin and Carlina Rivera




NYC Flood Maps

NYTimes: In New York, Drawing Flood Maps Is a ‘Game of Inches’

As FEMA revises the maps to account for climate change, deciding who is in the flood zone will be a battle with millions of dollars at stake.

With its 520 miles of coastline and thousands […]

Facebook Page for BirdLink Project in SDR Park

There is now a Facebook page for the BirdLink Project

Please “Like” the Page to help the artist continue to raise awareness and funds for the project!

For more information see our past posting here.




Come to The Town Hall and Let Your Representative Know What You Think!

Pike Street and Senior Housing Promises – Rivington House Lost: 219 Nursing Home Beds Gouverneur Gain: 60 Nursing Home Beds

From The Lo-Down:

“…CB3 member Lisa Kaplan said, “We got word day before yesterday that a project that had been promised to us on Pike Street, that the affordable units were now part of (the Norfolk Street project). It looks to me like you were already planning to do senior housing and the project that […]