From Council Member Chin’s Office: How you can join our community’s efforts to help Puerto Rico

UNIDOS POR United for ??



Date: Saturday. September 30, 2017

Location: Music

Alfred E. Smith Baseball Field

New York, NY 10038

Time : 12 PM – 8PM


SDR Park IMPD/Volunteer Days Fall 2017 [Updated – yet again]!

SDR Park Volunteer Days Fall 2017

If you’d like to volunteer please contact the person listed for the site listed under

“Stewarded Gardens” below)


October 11th (Wednesday) 2017

Volunteer Group: Citizen’s for NYC & company

Contact: K or Bob

Location: Stanton Street Area/BRC Front


October […]

Mayor de Blasio on the High-Line with Errol Louis

Mayor de Blasio was interviewed by Errol Louis on visited the High- Line, apparently it’s a big deal that he hasn’t visited there before.

When asked why:

Mayor de Blasio: “…my focus has been on the many many parks that haven’t had investment”.

Kind of have to agree. Not to mention the privatization of […]

Sara Roosevelt Park Troubles

We (volunteers, park gardeners, Bird Sanctuary guardians, park users, Parks Department, Goddard Homeless Outreach, Police, PEP officers, City and State electeds (who have given funding and offered more funding) are all working hard but our park remains a struggling strip of land…poverty, lack of resources, and heavy use by a community where this is the […]

Mayor de Blasio Announces the List of Final CPI Parks! And Donations to Puerto Rico

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Manhattan Borough President Brewer, Council Member Rosie Mendez and Mayor de Blasio

Mayor Bill de […]

Dixon Place 31st Anniversary Donor Dinner

Evening to benefit the continuing efforts of Dixon Place: “…we were driven by curiosity, imagination and our desire to figure it out”…Ellie Covan

“Since 1986 Dixon Place has been dedicated to fostering the NYC arts comunity by developing and presenting original new work in every stage of development in every artistic genre. From its […]

It’s My Park Day in SDR Park and Other Volunteer Days. Info on Stewarded Gardens and Contacts



October 11th (Wednesday) 2017

Volunteer Group: Citizen’s for NYC & company

Contact: K or Bob

Location: Stanton Street Area or BRC Front


October 21 (Saturday) 2017 10am-2pm

Volunteer Group: It’s My Park Day:

Contact: K

Location: Stanton Street Area


October 21, 2017 12pm- 4pm

Volunteer Group: It’s My Park Day, […]

Bat Watchers From Staten Island

From the NYTimes:

“….bats are … essential to ecosystems. As pollinators and agricultural pest-eaters, they’re valued at $3 billion a year for U.S. farmers. In New York City, where nine species of bats are known to migrate during the summer, a single little brown bat is capable of devouring up to 100 percent of its […]

Under Mayor de Blasio City Vehicles Rack Up Miles

Wondered why we seem to be adding to the number of Parks Department cars ‘alienating’ parkland in Sara Roosevelt Park! – our second most frequent complaint.

We love your team but the rest of us use public transportation – all hours of the day or night!


From the NYTimes:

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Landmarks Preservation Commission Send Parks Back to Drawing Board

From Brooklyn Paper: “Protecting the Fort: Landmarks commission says Ft. Greene Park plans alter creator’s vision..”

The Department of Parks and Recreations’s plans to makeover an entrance to Fort Greene Park do not reflect the vision of the green space’s creators and honchos must go back to the drawing board, the Landmarks […]