A History of NYC Parks

City Lab: When gentrification Meant Driving Hogs Out of Manhattan:

“Irish pig farmers…German gardeners, .. the African-American settlement of Seneca Village, worked and lived on the land that’s known today as Central Park. Most of their homes were destroyed in the 1860s to create the park.”

Catherine McNeur: Taming Manhattan: Environmental Battles in the […]

NYTimes: GreenThumb Gardens Grew in NYC

Two GreenThumb Gardens have existed in Sara Roosevelt Park. Both were begun in the early 1980’s when this area was full of burned out buildings, drug dealers and pimps lining Forsyth Street. Garden creation was key in building and anchoring communities and pushing back threats or harm to neighbors. The people did it while creating […]

Ceremony on Behalf of Bob Humber’s Brother

M’Finda Kalunga Garden Turtle Health Care A Success

Photos of Ted and Richard at their turtle jobs!



photos Steve Elson


M’Finda Kalunga Garden: Turtle Education! This Sunday July 30th

Approach to Ending Homelessness: from Community Solutions

In our never ending quest to find new ideas to tackle issues we’ll post different solutions and suggestions. We can’t leave things as they are. It isn’t working for anyone. – SDR Coalition



From Community Solutions:


Too often, communities view homelessness as an intractable problem or one that is prohibitively […]

Design Trust for Public Space – Stanton Building in SDR Park – Stanton Task Force

A Wendy Brawer of Green Map Systems creation!




From the Audubon Society

Buteo jamaicensis or…Red Tailed Hawk in Sara Roosevelt Park

Noted across from the handball courts at Grand Street by one of the Park’s many volunteer gardeners and a bird caregiver – Elizabeth Hardwick who wrote: “She is a baby Red Tailed Hawk.”


Yet another reason to use the dry ice method to remove rats in the park! Our bird caregiver has reported […]

Curiouser and curiouser…

From the Daily News:

“Top official [DCAS’s Ricardo Morales] claims he was axed for complaining about City Hall’s ‘inappropriate involvement’ with de Blasio donor”

“Records reviewed by The News also show one of de Blasio’s top aides directly intervened on Singh’s behalf while he was trying to get out of paying what he […]