Update Friday January 24th, 2020 MTA Emergency Ventilation Plant on Forsyth Street

From the MTA:

Good afternoon all,


The following is an update on the work taking place this week at the Forsyth worksite.


Weekly Look Ahead – Week of 1/27/2020 – 2/2/2020

  • Con Edison
    • Gas pipe coating crews will be working on the coating of the installed gas pipe and house connections in the sidewalk. Temporary sidewalk closures will be required for this work.


  • EE Cruz
    • Work will continue to be performed on the temporary sewer bypass and test trenching ahead of S.O.E work.
    • Subcontractor (MFM) will be removing an abandoned gas main as necessary in the intersection of Forsyth St. and Rivington St.
    • Subcontractor (MFM) will be installing new gas main and steam main piping in the north section of Forsyth St. to connect to the intersection with Rivington St.
    • Subcontractor (MFM) will be back filling gas main in the southern section of Forsyth St. Temporary sidewalk closures will be required for this work.



Above schedule is to our best knowledge as of now and is subject to change. ConEd schedule is based on the information communicated to EEC/MTA by ConEd. ConEd controls its schedule. Changes in Con Edison schedule will impact EE Cruz’s Scheduled Work.



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