Tenement Museum Staffers revive the Forsyth Garden Conservancy south of Delancey in Sara Roosevelt Park

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Despite the many hours put in by Park workers and volunteers from M’Finda Kalunga and Elizabeth Hubbard Memorial Gardens to keep it in good shape this area of the Park has resisted efforts to maintain it in good shape.

Now a chance at reclaiming this part of Sara Roosevelt Park with a committed group of volunteers from the Tenement Museum. They will continue the work until we’ve rebuilt and reclaimed the former beauty of the Forsyth Garden Conservancy plots.

Thanks to Park Manager Terese Flores and the work of the original builders of this GreenThumb Garden since the early 80’s.

Volunteers from the Chinatown Y also dropped by to lend a hand!

Much thanks to everyone and a few before and after photos!



3 comments to Tenement Museum Staffers revive the Forsyth Garden Conservancy south of Delancey in Sara Roosevelt Park

  • Gladys Stambakis

    I want to thank M’Finda Kalunga and Elizabeth Hubbard Memorial Gardens for working tirelessly in cleaning and trying to bring back the former beauty of this area in Sarah D. Roosevelt Park.
    That been said, we really need to take a hard look as to why the park is in such poor conditions. There are a LOT of homeless and drug users living, sleeping and defecating in this area. Furniture they use to play cards and games are thrown in the garden plots after they finish using them and basically is really sad that there has not been more strong police presence to discourage such activities done by people that don’t live in the area but come here to destroy the park. Sometimes you have to be careful if you need to walk there at night because there are drunken drug abusers that harass passersby. Thank you by the way for restoring the lightning in the park. This area is OVERDUE for a renovation with tall gates with locked doors are needed if you really want to save this area here. The community uses this park on a daily basis, we have the bird conservancy group and in the mornings there is tai chi exercises and children and their parents try to use the park for exercise and time together however because of the criminal element that is present in the park many people that live here don’t really have a chance to enjoy it.
    I hope that for the sake of the park that something can be done, because is really becoming a sore eye in the neighborhood.

    • kwebster

      Thanks Gladys. You are so right about the need to change the atmosphere. We think more PEP patrols (along with consistent loving gardening care for this area) are badly needed – along with BigBelly garbage cans that use solar power and are rat-proof (the only garbage collectors that are).
      AND…Parks has this section of the park on its Capital Improvements list (to fix the pathways that are sinking due to the improper landfill of the original park). It will probably take a while to see that work begin.

      Parks have so little funding – despite being one of the few remaining democratic spaces left in this city – which means this community and others are always having to prioritize between many vital needs.

      Our community has never ‘criminalized poverty’ but we do want to require that all of our park users respect the safety, rights and needs of others for a safe and enjoyable park – especially the people who live and work in this community!

      Thanks for keeping an eye on the park – as always.

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