Spike in the Methane Levels this year

“Earlier this summer I began noting the troublesome spike in atmospheric methane readings from Barrow AK. Someone commented they were likely in error. Nope. These record high readings over 2000 ppb are real and part of a record spike up in Arctic methane levels this year.” – Randall Gates


“This is is legitimately terrifying. Accelerating methane releases could herald a period of profound non-linear temperature increases.” Rob W.

“Methane evaporation from the arctic regions will start a global warming feedback loop which could be far worse than anything our current models are predicting.”


“Totally agree. The abrupt thawing, due to a huge increase in the methane being released from the permafrost, will act like a global warming accelerant. A monumental importance in the climate change discussion that we’re barely even addressing.”


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