Sara Roosevelt Courts at Houston Street - A Story


“This Basketball Will Be Your Father”

Michael Klawans

“I found these courts 16 years ago when I moved to New York City’s Lower East Side. To a street basketball lover they are beautiful: two wide-open courts, lined with sycamore trees and benches.”

“The Sara D. Roosevelt Park, has been here for 84 years. One block wide and seven blocks long, it stretches from the Manhattan Bridge to Houston St. and is flanked by Chrystie and Forsyth Streets. It actually contains six full courts: Two on Canal St, and another two next to a soccer field between Stanton and Rivington. Those two have been recently repainted by a famous graffiti artist in a co-branding partnership with Nike: Flashy, but not for me. The real action is on the north-side courts.”

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