This Saturday is NeighborDay!

Sent from University Settlement House: 

This Saturday is Neighborday!

It’s time to get a little face time with the folks who share your walls and fences. April 29th is Neighborday—a holiday all about getting to know your community. Over the past seven years, we’ve seen everything from community clean-ups, block parties, and simple acts of kindness. While the official date is this Saturday, we encourage all of you to take some time this week to get to know your neighbors!
Here’s how you can get involved:

AssemblyWoman Yuh-Line Niou Press Conference Marking 100 days in Office

Yuh-Line Niou at Rivington House Forum

Friday, April 28th at 12pm at University Settlement, 184 Eldridge Street (at Rivington and Eldridge Streets intersection)

 Assemblymember Yuh-Line Niou will host a press conference marking her 100 days in elected office. Niou will provide updates on her work in the district and in Albany, and will be joined by lower Manhattan community members and advocates.

Who: Assemblymember Niou, community members and advocates.

What: Presser marking Niou’s 100 days in elected office

When: Friday, April 28th at 12pm 

Where: University Settlement, 184 Eldridge Street (at Rivington and Eldridge Streets intersection).


With Senator Squadron at Convention

Contact: Mauricio Pazmino / / 212-312-1420

“Rivington Act” Not Let Out of NY State Senate Committee

From Senator Daniel Squadron‘s Office:

Assemblywoman Yuh-Line Niou supported Rivington Acto.

Neighbors to Save Rivington House: “We are astonished that despite the efforts of Senator Squadron and others, the Senate Majority could not do right by those in need of our protection. Apparently the most vulnerable citizens do not have champions within the Senate Majority with the political will or the outrage to act on their behalf. This defies both common sense and common decency.”

Preservation: Buildings and People and Communities

Preserve our structures and the homes and businesses of the people that have built and maintained their neighborhoods over decades. Those who face continual harassment and eviction as neighborhoods go ‘upscale’. One without the other is no win for our friends, small businesses and neighbors.

Tenant Rights Tomorrow

NYC’s First Community Garden: Liz Christy

Piece on the First Community Garden on WNYC. Gardeners remember early beginnings and what it takes to keep this resource for the community.






Squadron’s Convention and More on SDR Coalition’s Long-Time Partners Rivington House’s Residents & Staff..

Super good:

Sara Roosevelt Coalition and Neighbors to Save Rivington House joined other activists for Senator Squadron‘s Convention this past Sunday.

It successfully engages the community and local politicians every year. Our electeds came out in force: Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer and Council Women Margaret Chin – along with Senator Squadron and AssemblyWoman Yuh-Line Niou and Tish James.

All have been instrumental in keeping the fight for Rivington House alive as well as working to ensure this never happens again. Rivington House’s staff and residents were long-time community partners with the Sara Roosevelt Coalition. We do not abandon our partners or this fight.

Less good:

The Daily News first reported: Allure Group is once again apparently proving its ethical character, this time accused of stealing (not nursing homes) but the identity of a rabbi. Wow. 

From The Real Deal

“CABS Nursing Home filed a lawsuit against Allure claiming the company forced out residents shortly after buying the property, and it ultimately led to the deaths of some of the facility’s residents”

Tomorrow: Senator Daniel Squadron’s & Assemblywoman Yuh-Line Niou’s “Rivington Act”


From Neighbors to Save Rivington House:

“We can keep evicting the elderly and the ill and the disabled from their homes in secrecy in order to line the pockets of profiteers or ……we can pass this law…”

From the Lo-Down:

“The Senate Health Committee will take up the “Rivington Act,” which would require the state to produce a public closure report when any nursing home is threatened, to reject any closure plan if community health needs cannot be met and to consider recommendations from local stakeholders.”

Livestreamed Senate Committee Meeting.


From Senator Squadron’s Office:




Squadron/AM Niou Bill Ensures Community Process When Nursing Homes Are Threatened


‘Rivington Act’ to Get Health Committee Vote; Will Be Live Streamed


ALBANY – TOMORROW, State Senator Daniel Squadron’s “Rivington Act” (S.2036/A.4395-Niou) will be voted on in the Senate’s Health Committee. Squadron and Assemblymember Yuh-Line Niou introduced the bill in response to the appalling deed restriction removal and closure of Rivington House on the Lower East Side. The Senate Health Committee will be live streamed and can be viewed here. Earlier this session, Squadron used a procedural motion to force this committee vote.


Squadron/Niou’s “Rivington Act” would require that community health needs are met as part of a more public and transparent process when nursing homes are threatened. The “Rivington Act” is based on Squadron/Assemblymember Simon’s Local Input in Community Healthcare (LICH) Act (S.2500A/A.6417A), which creates a similar process for at-risk hospitals.


WHAT: NY Senate Health Committee to vote on Senator Squadron’s “Rivington Act” to require that community health needs are met as part of a more public and transparent process when nursing homes are threatened

WHEN: TOMORROW, Tuesday, April 25th, 12pm/Noon

WHERE: Capitol Building 124 CAP, Albany; Livestreamed


Spring in M’Finda Kalunga Garden: Flowers, Turtles, Workers, Dirt, Mosaics, & One Scientist!

Our resident scientist was at the March for Science, had rallies and marches in more than 600 places to challenge what advocates see as a growing trend by government to ignore scientific evidence when crafting public policy. Thank you for representing Rob!

An Earth Day Movie that is Hopeful (yes!) “Tomorrow”

Here is a trailer and review of the movie:


From Mother Jones:

The Perfect Movie for Your Earth Day Date Night

A quirky French film finds some unusual solutions to climate change.

“…change is perhaps most powerful when it is community-driven. The most novel innovation proposed is the possibility of “local currencies” that never leave one geographic area, thus encouraging the type of localized production and consumption that the filmmakers believe to be essential to a sustainable future.”

“Nobody believed in a positive documentary about ecology, economy, and democracy.” Instead, the Caésar-award-winning film, originally released in France in 2015, was partly crowd-funded. As French actress Mélanie Laurent (Inglourious Basterds) implores in the film, “This movie is about thousands of people changing the world so we would like it to be financed by thousands of people willing to do the same.”