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From New Yorkers for Parks: Play Fair

“Wow! Nearly 200 New Yorkers braved the winter weather to join the Play Fair Coalition on the steps of City Hall on February 28 to tell the City Council and Mayor to stop overlooking and underfunding our parks and green spaces! But this is just the beginning, and now WE NEED YOU to sign this petition and tell your elected officials to get on board. “

Tell your elected officials to Play Fair!

Sara Roosevelt Park Community Coalition:

“As wealth and income inequality grow in a greater and greater divide between the haves and the have-nots, NYC Parks are the last democratic meeting spaces in the city. They are the air conditioning, vacation home, vacation, back-yard and get-away from increasingly harsh life here for the many.

We believe public open spaces should stay public, not reliant on the whims of the very wealthy where some parks get lavish funding and others go wanting – especially in neighborhoods that arguably need it the most. Parks are essential to a livable, green, and equitable New York City, and should be funded as such. Park workers should have job security that only comes when a steady source of income exists. Ecosystems world-wide are in trouble, globally insects are in a state of collapse, and climate change is real and steadily marching towards an unlivable planet. Parks are not a luxury – they are essential for the health, livability and sustainability of life here. We are part of a complex network that needs care and nurturing.”

“Protecting and improving the community for the people who live and work here”

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